Blood Augmentation: The Cure For Multiple Diseases

//Blood Augmentation: The Cure For Multiple Diseases

Blood Augmentation: The Cure For Multiple Diseases

Alpha-1 antitrypsin is the key to helping those with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, autoimmune diseases and more. I came up with this theory when I started cross researching my multiple diseases along with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. I shared my thoughts with a few confidants but was told that I probably shouldn’t post my theory because I’m not a doctor nor a researcher. HOWEVER, today an article was published by Allergy & Eosinophil Rothenberg Research Lab at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital that gives clout to my theory. I would suggest reading the article below before proceeding.

Some Background:

Historically, blood augmentation is used to treat alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (A1AD or AATD). AATD is a genetic disease that causes the defective production of alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT), which causes the accumulation of abnormal A1AT protein in the liver and causes a decreased amount of A1AT activity in the blood and lungs. AATD can cause emphysema, liver disease, COPD, and more. I will do a more in-depth blog about AATD in another blog post. Blood augmentation therapy is where people with AATD like me will receive A1AT protein from the blood plasma of healthy human donors. The augmentation increases the amount of AAT protein in our blood and lungs.

In the article mentioned above, it states that “Dr. Nurit Azouz, PhD, the study’s lead author, and other researchers then treated esophageal tissue samples with alpha-1 anti-trypsin, or A1AT, a biologic drug approved to treat a genetic form of emphysema. Like SPINK7, A1AT is a natural inhibitor of tissue-damaging proteins called proteases. In the lab, A1AT reversed the damaging inflammation seen in tissues that lacked SPINK7, suggesting further investigation is warranted to determine whether this therapeutic may also benefit people with EoE.”

So in plain English, A1AT protein that’s normally used to treat AATD also reversed the damaging inflammation that’s seen in Eosinophilic Esophagitis. But of course, the doctors and researchers need to do further investigation. But this news is beyond exciting!

Supplemental Support:

I originally thought that blood augmentation therapy might be the answer for diseases not limited to just AATD but at the time it was just a crazy hunch. But then I came across this medical journal in February and I was convinced that one day medical research would confirm my theory. Here’s the entry that confirmed for me that blood augmentation is the answer and the link to the full publication.

“Cases 1 and 2 were reported in 2004 [68]. In the early nineties two PI*ZZ Spanish sisters with severe fibromyalgia started AAT replacement therapy. During the next 3 and 5 years, respectively, they both experienced a rapid, progressive and constant control of fibromyalgia symptoms. However, a commercial shortage of AAT by 1998 led to the annual interruption of infusions for 4-6 consecutive months during 5 years. As a result, fibromyalgia symptoms recurred during infusion interruption and disappeared completely whenever infusions were resumed. Currently, both patients are regularly treated with Prolastin®, and do not have fibromyalgia symptoms anymore (Figure 3).”

Check Back For Updates:

I’ll be starting blood augmentation for my AATD as soon as I get approval. I will be documenting the experience. I’m very hopeful that the blood augmentation will also reverse or greatly help with my Eosinophilic Esophagitis, my multiple autoimmune diseases and my other diseases. As they say, it’s all in your genes and I truly believe that A1AT protein is the answer. It may not be the answer to all my health problems but I wholeheartedly believe that it is a big piece to my genetic puzzle and to millions around the world that suffer daily.

Pardon me, while I go do a happy dance around the house with my dogs. I am elated.

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