Un{der}diagnosed: Our Blog’s Namesake

//Un{der}diagnosed: Our Blog’s Namesake

Un{der}diagnosed: Our Blog’s Namesake

Having multiple diseases isn’t easy especially at a young age but at least for me, not knowing what I had when I felt so sick was astronomically worse. When doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, I had to become my own staunch advocate. So I researched and researched. Then I read a plethora of medical journals. After countless hours, I narrowed down what my possible diagnoses could be and had my doctors test for them. I finally got some diagnoses from gene testing, blood tests, biopsies, scopes, etc. I can honestly say that not knowing really was the scariest and so exhausting. It was such an incredible relief to know what diseases I had. It was a validation. I had dealt with past male doctors that assumed that my periods must be causing my symptoms. I’ll go very in-depth with dealing with certain doctors in another post and/or video. Even though, I have multiple diagnoses now, I still have some other results that aren’t explained by the other diagnoses, so later on I will share my journey to finding answers but my first focus is to help others rule in or out if they have EoE. So that’s how my title of my blog, Un{der}diagnosed came to be named. I wanted to bring awareness to the masses about underdiagnosed diseases because I know that being undiagnosed is worse than knowing what diseases ail you.

My dream is to have Lazzara nail lacquer in as many places as possible, so we can spread awareness about EoE. My hope is that people no longer have to wait years to get diagnosed with EoE because of its obscurity and suffer the consequences of being untreated for that long. I also will not stop until Lazzara grows large enough to spread awareness around the world. For more information, explore our website. It’s pretty snazzy.

In honor of EoE awareness, checkout our magenta nail lacquer, “Susan”.

*As always, if you ever have questions or comments please post on our social media. I would love to do videos and posts based on your feedback. Thanks for reading! You guys are amazing!*

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